Meet Xina

Standing at 6’0, Xina is not your average female artist.

Named after the infamous warrior princess, Xina got her start as a print artist for luxury fashion companies.

Craving more creative freedom and the opportunity to inspire many, Xina started painting murals for companies around NYC. Before long she found herself working with Fortune 500 companies and elite private clients, which ultimately led to her first solo gallery show.

Being a rower, swimmer, and devoted lover of the sea, Xina naturally gravitated towards painting pieces that celebrate life on the water. Her first show paid homage to the waters of the Northeast, where she spend years on an Ocean Rescue Team.

The collection sold out and defined Xina's painting style.

Xina currently splits her time between her studios in New York City and Key Largo. Her work can be found in countless homes and galleries along the East Coast. 

***Unfortunately due to time constraints Xina is no longer painting murals at this time. There is also a waitlist for any custom pieces.***